Radar reveals the Gobekli Tepe village stoneprint

Dominant typological themes in the excavated houses at Gobekli Tepe, reveal a larger encompassing structure in the hill complex. Identifications, and the axial grid, may change as excavation proceeds. The tentative sequence is:
1 Builder; West rectangle
2 Builder; House B
3 Queen; House A, with several ovid images
4 King; Undetected?
5 Priest; Undetected?
6 Exile; A south-east feature, unexcavated
7 Child; Undetected?
7g Galactic Centre; A wall cairn?
8/9 Healer; ? May be crammed against the perimeter wall
10 Teacher; Unexcavated?
11 Womb; Traces of an oval? Unexcavated
12 Heart; Lion (felid) engraving on the east pillar of a rectangular house?
13 Hearet; Lion (felid) engraving on the west pillar of a rectangular house; and as a large house, unexcavated
14 Mixer; House D; and a distant feature, unexcavated
15 Maker; Very large house near D, on the hill summit; and a double house, unexcavated, within later terrace walls.

The axial centre may be on House C. However this pole is usually unmarked, or marked by a feature different from the periphery of types, thus the site grid identification may be premature.

Orientation of the potential site stoneprint, flips around the orientation of most houses. Type 12/13 and 11 houses are on the north, while 12/13 and 11 benches inside the houses are south-south-east. Houses A, B, C and D (not built in that order) are inside the later level IIA terrace wall, and avoided by later buildings. Level
III has fifteen more structures. Circle E on the southwest plateau may be the floor of a Level III structure similar to circle C, dated later, however it could be a quarry trial erection (see Stonehenge in Mindprint).

Larger and more elaborate houses may be earlier, while smaller circles and rectangular houses or rooms may be later. Asymmetry of the outline raises the possibility that the still covered structures could express a second stoneprint, geared to the excavated sector’s stoneprint (see several double stoneprints in the Mexican chapter)…………….

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