Archaeo astronomy talks in July 2018 in Johannesburg

Edmond Furter will present the annual archaeo astronomy talks in Johannesburg in July 2018. The series of three presentations is an introduction and update to the latest developments in archaeo astronomy, artefact analysis, and spatial structure in ancient sites.

The presentations includes three slide show presentations by the author; a copy of Stoneprint, the human code in art, buildings and cities; two copies of Stoneprint Journal; a poster of a star map; and a folder of images on a USB stick, supplementing the books Mindprint (2014); and Stoneprint (2016). Book on edmondfurter at gmail dot com

Ancient Astronomy talks poster.

The presenter, Edmond Furter, is the author of:

2014 Mindprint, the subconscious art code., USA

2016 Stoneprint, the human code in art, buildings and cities. Four Equators Media, Johannesburg

2015 Gobekli Tepe, between rock art and art. Expression 9. Atelier Etno (Also in the book, Rock art: Where, When, Why, to Whom. Ed. Anati, E)

2015 Art is structural magic, not illustration. Expression 10, Dec. Atelier Etno (Also in the book: Art and religion. Ed. Anati, E)

2015 Structural rock art analysis in the Matobo range. ASAPA conference paper

2015 Abstract signs in art are shorthand for cultural structure. Expression 13. Atelier Etno

2015 September, Author of the Month: Gobekli Tepe reveals cultural structure

2016 Colonial artists re-style the same characters. Expression 14, Atelier Etno

2017 Recurrent cultural features reveal objective archetypal meaning. Expression 16, Atelier Etno


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